IPPON GEAR Grip Trainer - grip trener (JITA20)

Kompatibilan, pametan, jednostavno pravi alat: IPPON GEAR The Grip trener možete lako integrirati u trening snage
Manufacturer: IPPONGEAR
97,69 KM

Upgrade your strength training.

Compatible, clever, simply the right tool: You can easily integrate the IPPON GEAR The Grip Trainer into your strength training and improve your grappling and gripping power as well.

We have developed two different lengths of the IPPON GEAR The Grip Trainer. The Grip Trainer Short is the perfect tool for your kettlebell training or even deadlifts. While the long version is best combined with your pull ups.

Due to the simple installation, the Grip Trainer can be used fast and universally. Just pull it through the strap and your workout can start.

Train your strength in fingers and forearms with the IPPON GEAR The Grip Trainer.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Imitates a Judo/BJJ Gi-Sleeve
  • Compatible for many training tools
  • Short version (40cm x 20cm): Kettlebell training, Deadlifts
  • Long version (65cm x 20cm): Pull Ups


Color: black
Sports: All Martial Arts
Type: Training Tools
Material: 75% Cotton : 25% Polyester
Width: 20cm
Density: 950gr/m²
Length: 40cm, 65cm