FUJI MATS Smoothe Performance

FUJI MATS Smoothe Performance

FUJI MATS Smooth Series mat system is ideal for BJJ, MMA, Wrestling, and no-gi Grappling.

Made with the highest quality non-slip surface, the FUJI Smooth Series mat system keeps your athletes safe by reducing mat burns and making cleaning even easier. FUJIs mat technology allows for barefoot training without worrying about losing footing. Get’em and get training!

The density of FUJI MATS Smooth Mat Performance is 200-210 kg/m3.

  • 25mm – Ideal for Stand-Up Martial Arts like Karate, TKD & Kung Fu
  • 40mm – Ideal for MMA Training, No-Gi Grappling, BJJ, and Wrestling
  • 50mm – Professional Grade for Serious Combat Athletes & MMA Fighters
  • Official Mat of the World Series of Fighting (WSOF)
  • Backed by FUJI’s Industry Best 5 Year Limited Warranty

On all orders below 20 pieces, the manufacturer is charging 50€ due to low quantity production.


Color: black, blue, grey, navy, red, white
Thickness: 25mm, 40mm, 50mm
Density: 200/210kg/m3
Target Group: Alle Kampfsportarten
Type: Mats
Size: 1x1m, 2x1m
Lead Time: 10-12 Weeks
Sports: All Martial Arts
Material: Glattes MMA/BJJ-Vinyl/Agglofoam-Schaum

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