FUJI MATS zastita za zid Smooth

FUJI MATS zastita za zid Smooth

The FUJI Mats wall impact shield turns your location into a complete MMA gym, BJJ Academy, or professional training center.

Protect your students by cladding your walls with the high-quality wall impact protection. Simulate cage training, work on takedowns.


The FUJI wall impact protection is delivered without a corresponding wall mount. Please contact our customer service if you have any questions regarding the installation. Printing of the FUJI logo is not included.

If ordering less than 20 pieces there will be charged by the manufacturer 50 Euro surcharge.


Color: apple green, black, blue, grey, ice-grey, olivegrün, orange, red, yellow
Size: 1,5x1m, 1x1m, 2x1m
Density: 170kg/m3
Material: Vinyl mit Reisstrohmuster/Agglofoam-Schaum
Target Group: Alle Kampfsportarten
Type: Mats
Thickness: 25mm
Lead Time: 10-12 Weeks
Sports: All Martial Arts

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